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Professor Mike Merrifield is the head of astronomy at the University of Nottingham and an expert on galaxy evolution.

A regular face in our videos, he's also a key adviser to the project.

Mike also appears in our sister project Sixty Symbols, which covers a range of physics and astronomy subjects.

* Mike's website

Dr Meghan Gray's research combines galaxy evolution and a long-standing interest in gravitational lensing.

She's an STFC advanced fellow and lecturer at the University of Nottingham. Meghan's also a familiar face to viewers of the Sixty Symbols videos.

* Meghan's website

Nik Szymanek is one of the UK's top astrophotographers.

He has imaged the heavens from various locations, but still achieves remarkable results from his backyard in Essex (not far from the bright lights of London).

Nik is a popular lecturer and guest speaker.

* Nik's website

Paul Crowther is a professor of astrophysics at the University of Sheffield.

His research interests include massive stars, both in the Milky Way and beyond.

* Paul's website

Roy Gretton is a former scientist and now keen amateur astronomer.

He is Vice President and Journal Editor for the Nottingham Astronomical Society.

Liam Hardy is a masters student at the University of Sheffield.

At the time of filming he was working on a placement on La Palma as a 'student support astronomer' with the Isaac Newton group of telescopes.

James McCormac works at the William Herschel Telescope at La Palma.

At the time of filming he was a PhD student at Queens University Belfast working on transiting exoplanets.

Deep Sky Videos visited the Isaac Newton Group of telescopes in December 2011 and footage collected there appears in many of our videos.

The visit would not have been so successful without the help of the ING's public relations officer Javier Mendez

* ING website

Dr Amanda Bauer is a Super Science Fellow at the Australian Astronomical Observatory.

* Amanda's 'astropixie' blog

Dora Fohring is a postgraduate astronomer at Durham University, but was working on a placement at the Isaac Newton Group of Telescopes when we filmed with her.
Rafael Barrena is an astronomer at the IAC and was operating the Isaac Newton Telescope during our visit there in December 2011.

* Rafa's web profile

Dr David Rothery is a Senior Lecturer in the Open University Department of Physical Sciences.

* David's Web Page

Pete Lawrence is a well-known figure in UK astronomy, often appearing on The Sky at Night TV programme.

* Pete's web page

Dr Andrew Norton is a senior lecturer at the Open University. Among numerous roles, he is Associate Programme Director for Physics and Astronomy & Planetary Science, based in the university's Department of Physical Sciences.

* Andy's web page

Professor John Zarnecki, from the Open University, has over 30 years experience spanning various space missions.

His successful work on the Huygens probe, which landed on Saturn's moon of Titan, was the subject of the BBC film Destination Titan (see Stephen Slater profile below).

* John's web profile

Professor Allan Chapman is well-known science historian and fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society.

* Allan's profile on Wikipedia

Paul Haese is an amateur astronomer based in Adelaide, Australia, also with a small but impressive observatory in the town of Clayton.

* Paul's website

Brady Haran is the video journalist behind Deep Sky Videos and many other online video projects.

A former BBC video journalist, he brings to the project a passion for science and journalistic curiousity.

His full range of video projects can be found at

* Brady's website

Stephen Slater (left) was responsible for Deep Sky Videos video editing throughout 2012.

Here he's pictured here with the late Sir Patrick Moore, who appeared in our M40 video.

Stephen also worked on the documentary Destination Titan.

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